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Only 100% natural products

"Once upon a time..."

It all started with the idea of Marco, one of the co-founding partners along with Oscar, who after 30 years of experience in the food industry around the world, was particularly impressed by the many years of experience in Venezuela, where they worked on mango plantations.

Once he returned to his home in Volongo, a small town nestled in the Cremona Po Valley, he decided to develop a fruit-only product, from both tropical and domestic varieties, not yet on the market. From this idea, "Frutteto" was born, a fruit-only snack, capable of giving the consumer a healthy treat with a never-before-tasted explosion of tropical flavor.

The birth of the new Sugo line

Starting with the same packaging concept as Frutteto, new partner Dylan 's idea was to create single-portion tomato-based pasta sauces that were first and foremost delicious, and that held firmly to the values on which the company is founded, namely the use of quality raw materials and the naturalness of the products created. Single-portion is also designed to facilitate people who do not have time or are not passionate about cooking, without sacrificing taste and avoiding waste.

Once the product idea is developed, a collaboration is started with Chef Adriano Campagnolo, who specializes in the food industry, for recipe development.

The recipes currently available are basil, arrabbiata and truffle, but the company is always looking for new recipes to offer our consumers.

Our establishment surrounded by greenery

It is in the small village of Volongo, in the province of Cremona, nestled in the green Po Valley, that our items are produced, packaged and controlled from A to Z.
The factory, which opened in 2019, is 5,000 square meters in size and has a production capacity of several million units per year.

Sensitive to health and the environment

Our primary goal is to develop innovative products that never compromise taste. The zero-tolerance policy toward any artificial additives that we apply to all our products has enabled us to bring consumers back to enjoy genuine products that feature the true flavors of nature.

We use our passion for food and our manufacturing expertise to bring food back to its natural form, to make it as simple and tasty as it was in the past. What we want for our consumers is to help create a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle around the world.

Our products have a shelf life of more than 12 months at room temperature, making them very environmentally sensitive as they do not need to be frozen. In addition, our lightweight packaging takes up much less space in transport than glass or other packaging, helping us to reduce CO2 emissions.

Only selected raw materials

Choosing the right suppliers for raw materials is critical to ensuring the quality and excellence of the final products.

Our philosophy is based on quality at every step: from the farm to the table. We collaborate only with producers who share our passion for high quality.

In addition to quality, we also pay great attention to sustainability andethics, working with suppliers who adopt sustainable agricultural practices, respecting the environment. By choosing our products, you choose not only extraordinary taste, but also trust in the origin of raw materials.

Kitchen collaborations and awards

In addition to high quality, at Frutteto we are keen on always ensuring good and genuine combinations and suggesting new dishes and ideas. This is precisely why we make use of important collaborations through recognized and renowned chefs.

Our Popsicles have achieved the prestigious recognition of a Great Taste star in the 2019, 2021, 2022 competitions.


Certifications obtained by Frutteto products

Productions Frutteto also upon request can meet the strict requirements of Jewish cuisine under the "super kosher" certification while maintaining the Italian craftsmanship and traditionality of the products.

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