Fruit Popsicles

Ready-to-freeze Popsicles 100% Natural Fruit, with no added sugar, artificial colors or flavors.
Made with fresh, juicy fruit not from concentrate, our popsicles are an explosion of natural, refreshing flavor that will make you love every bite.
Our popsicles Frutteto are a healthy and delicious choice for you and the whole family.
You can store them at room temperature and put them in the freezer 24 hours before enjoying them.
Made with natural and carefully selected ingredients, our sugar-free popsicle is a promise of authenticity. A mere 50 Kcal intake without sacrificing flavor, offering you a delicious and healthy choice to satisfy your cravings without guilt. Our motto is "Healthy living but with taste!"
Did you know that our Frutteto can also be consumed in other numerous ways?
Thanks to the pasteurization technique we use to produce them they can be stored at room temperature, this allows them to be enjoyed in ways other than popsicles, such as topping on Greek yogurt, topping on ice cream, in pasta dishes and main courses. Choose the flavor you prefer and discover the many uses of Frutteto!

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